Custom Videos
Answers to ordering a custom video:
Bringing fantasy to reality is what we do at the studio. With many models to choose from we produce high quality video clips based on your scripted ideas or thoughts. Our 100% customer satisfaction ratings make us the most popular custom video and distributor.
Pricing will vary depending on the length of your video. Recommended time for best pricing and quality is between 20 and 30 minutes. No less then 20 minutes and no more then 30 minutes.There are NO studio fees and the models keep all of the money you send. Because we are able to sell the video on our sites we are able to support the models very well and cover our production costs.
Once the payment clears in our account you should have your video between 1 day and one week on average. Our track record beats all others as our professional senor editor is always working to to edit using your scripted idea as a guide.
Once the video is rendered and uploaded to our servers we send you the link to download in FULL HD Viewing Quality or we can mail you the DVD, which ever you prefer.
To break it down in simpler terms send us your idea by email to with the exact details of what you would like to see in the video or how you would like to see the video go. Meeting your custom needs is our specialty and has been for over a decade. We have 24 hr email and phone support, our studio is open 24 hours a day and you can expect the best quality video you can think up (as long as it's legal in the United states.)
Ordering custom videos with our dedicated local models is always to all of our best interest as it may take a bit longer to have distant models travel to the studio.
Once we determine a price for your custom video we will send you a link for payment. You can pay with cash or credit card or even mail us a postal money order to the office address.
We ask you not to share the finished product or the full video as the sales from our websites keep the girls supported and keep the cost of custom videos down.
You can mail us props, clothing, wigs, or anything you want to see used in the making of the video. All items you send we keep and we re-use when needed.
Choose the model(s) you desire and we can discuss by email what would be most cost efficient and what models take interest in your scripted idea. Personally knowing the models and their limits we can advise which ones may accept the custom video offer.
Nobody and no producers OWN the girls and any producer can book the girls you like for custom videos but we do have our dedicated girls that only shoot for our fans and customers as well as fetish Models that shoot for all producers.
When you order a custom fetish video from JL Productions Inc. ( you do get a better quality video, professional audio, professional lighting and multi camera views if desired.
Keep in mind we are Tampa Florida based where the best of the best models reside and the most models in the industry are located.
*Our customer service ranks highest over the others.
*Our experience in the industry is well over a decade.
*Our equipment and stage settings are superior.
* Our producing time and quality is far Superior.
Contact Us  to start the ball rolling and let's knock this out of the ball park.
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