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9/30/2023 1:08:37 AM
For new sign ups you guys need to validate your email address. Thank you so much! Lexus @ DF
7/12/2023 9:19:43 PM
Just a reminder guys! If you abandon your account for over a year the security software will restrict or terminate the account. If it is getting close to a year or over a year since you last purchased videos then you better buy videos as soon as you can or the security software will flag the account for termination. Thanks for being supportive to the girls!
2/12/2023 12:59:04 PM
Want to open an account using bitcoin? No problem! Send $25.00 USD in bitcoin to open the account. Afterwards you can pick 6 videos and we will add them into your account. After your account is open with videos in them you can use a credit card to purchase more videos. Send bitcoin $25.00 USD to BTC address 32Q29kNysx1fnLJYihkbmq8P4i3Ft1668g
2/12/2023 12:55:18 PM
CashApp $25.00 to $DFvideos to instantly open an account. Lets get your account activated. cashapp to $DFvideos $25.00 Once your account is activated you can pick 6 videos of your choice and we will add them into your account. After that you can buy videos with a credit card directly from the site. After you cashapp 25.00 send a message from the contact us form.
12/3/2022 8:40:52 PM
New videos were just added to the VIP section and the Amateur-Videos section. Thanks Guys!
10/8/2022 11:59:29 AM
So everyone's asking where to find the new A-LSP videos. All 5 LSP-New Videos have been added to the Amateur-Videos section.
8/29/2022 8:44:14 AM
ALL ACCOUNTS with NO Purchases will be terminated. New accounts will be terminated and you will be blocked from the website if you do not make a purchase within 24 hours after signing up and approved. Thank you for your support.
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