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9/7/2021 7:35:56 PM
Hey guys! We are updating the classic belly punching videos! If you have an older favorite and would like it revised/remastered then send an email to we will revise it and add it to your account!
9/3/2021 1:01:39 AM
MISS EIDOLONA: Comes in to meet Jill and asks to join the team of girls. Stating she is no stranger to pain and thinks this would be easy for her she takes the challenge. After she gets punched in the stomach a few times she breaks down quickly and has a severe attitude problem. While taking the beating to her perfect skinny body she calls Jill a lot of nasty names. While Miss Eidolona gets her skinny little sexy stomach punched in she really screams in pain and the name calling continues even while taking hard punches to her skinny flat ABS . Before she can join the studio she needs to prove she is tough enough but she was never punched in the stomach ever before. Looking brave and standing tied to the half barrel wall and accepting this challenge hoping to prove she is tough enough to join the other studio girls. The challenge is on and Jill pounds that skinny belly to no end. No STRANGER TO PAIN she says, well the skinny girl trash talks Jill while she is getting her skinny weak belly beat in not realizing that name calling just makes Jill punch her harder. She just don?t get it, she wants to be able to be tough enough to join the team but her mouth gets her deeper in trouble. Calling Jill fat is not a smart thing to do while tied up in the studio. She pays the price alright and while she does earn bragging rights her perfect looking weak ABS were beat red and sore as Jill punched the bony flat sexy belly. Jill may of been jealous of her perfect skinny body and Eidolona thinks she is. REVISED with Clear Viewing Definition.
9/1/2021 2:14:32 AM
So is making a LIVE STUDIO ROOM. The option to watch the room live from the website and see the girls and interact with them in real time will be added to the site very soon. If you have any experience with live streaming or tips please email your thoughts, suggestions, comments., questions on this.
8/23/2021 1:10:19 AM
Custom Lily. 20-25 Minutes. ** 2 camera views (side and front) Cameras mounted on steady tripods. Close up shots. Start scene opens with: * Lily is fully restrained to a table with her legs spread in a Bikini. Notes: * Lily is not stretched out tight. * Lily's legs must stay open and remain spread apart during full duration of video. * Bikini stays low as possible. * Lily's stomach must be relaxed and not flexed all times. * Lily moans with pleasure to the thrill of the shock to her lower belly. * The bat handle and the fist should stay deep inserted into her lower abdomen. * Ram lower belly with bat handle and push down and move around while deep. * Do not hit the stomach area or upper belly. (Only just above the pubic bone.) Action starts: * Lily's G-spot gets stimulated with his fingers. * Fluid flows from her uterus by impacting her lower belly. * Handle end of baseball bat gets pushed deep into her lower belly and stir. * Punch this lower area (no gloves) * The baseball bat, with its thin end, plunges into the lower abdomen and stiles her uterus. * Push the fist deep near the pubic bone into the uterus and hold it there. * Sink bat handle and fist deep into the lower belly pushing down hard as possible into relaxed belly. * Push her uterus hard squeezing the liquid out of it. * Lily shows enjoyment from shock to lower belly. * Give her uterus a good stimulation (Lily shows feelings of orgasm) and pull her bikini down a bit. * The baseball bat, with its thin end, plunges into the lower abdomen and stiles her uterus. * Thrust the fist into the uterus and stiles the fist in a 1:1 ratio.
8/21/2021 1:04:57 PM
We just closed another wanna be video store that actually tried to sell our content. I guess they thought if they could never be as good they will just try to sell our stuff.. Nice try guy. Now to wreck havoc on some social media worm holes where they hide to collect our videos and wrongfully share. BTW keep sending us links to the rodents who steal and we will get them before Karma does. We will be happy to add a free video to your account.
7/15/2021 5:39:30 PM
Hey guys! Anastasia just got in a custom, so you should be seeing her soon in what's new! Anastasia will wear pink boxing gloves and a bikini and bare foot for this video. Eventually will end up naked. POV Boxing Video The video starts with POV style approaching the model back stage. She is wearing causal clothes of her choice. You approach her and she is happy to see you again giving you a hug. You tell her you looking to face her in a boxing match. Winner can use the loser as a punching bag. She agrees cause she secretly likes being your punching bag. You then also tell her that after every time she is knocked out and cannot get up by the ten count she must take off an article of clothing. She gets all excited and can not wait to box you again. You have been friends for a while now. You finally strike up the courage to ask her out on a date since you have a crush on her and she said yes but only if you win this boxing match. Though truth be told she has a crush on you as well. He enters the area you both decided on for the fight but you have not arrived yet so she decided to do a bit of shadow boxing and pretend to get hit in the face and belly maybe some low blows. You finally arrive and compliment her. You tell her there are no rules anything goes so low blows and breast shots are allowed. She agrees hoping you give her some low blows during the match. The bell rings and you both approach. She goes for a quick left jab and you block and she laugh and then suddenly gets punched by a left jab herself. Then a right followed by a left again. She gets knocked around with some face and belly punches stumbling around kind of smiling enjoying herself a bit. Some low blows as well if she's ok with it. Then finally having your fun you knock her down as she falls down face first ass up. You then start counting her out as she just stays in that position partially out of it smiling as she then just manages to get up before the count. You then immediately uppercut her face and she falls down knocked out spread eagle. You start counting to 10 but she doesn't get up staying knocked out. You then take off her top revealing her breasts. should be the usual beat down POV boxing videos of her getting punch drunk all the way around the being used like a punching bag as she smiles and moan and groans out of it commenting you on your strength and telling you she likes it. Punches should be to her face, breast belly and low blows. Finally during the last few mins there will be only belly punches and low blows done to her as she confesses her love for belly punches and low blows. The scene ends with one final uppercut that leaves her spread eagle out on the floor. Up against the On the wall when she wakes up, she is naked after you strip off her bottoms. You then point to the wall and she knows what you mean as she leans up against the wall arm by her side being ready to be used as a punching bag smiling at you. What follows is multiple face and belly punches and low blows and breasts punches. She sometimes moves her arms up above her head making her look like a punching bag. Multiple times she collapses and you pause and you help back up again. The last min of this part only includes low blow punches against her. Finally she collapses onto the floor from an uppercut. Punches on the floor: She wakes up face up looking at you kneeling beside her. She compliments you on how well you are doing. You compliment her back on her hair and thank her for being such a good friend. She ask you what you like to do. You point to her belly. She replies with you want to punch my belly. You nod your head yes. What follows is some belly punches and face punches from different angles with her on the floor. Some breast punches and low blows as well. One final kiss of the glove as she smiles and a final face punch knocks her out. Camera pans over her unconscious body for a couple of seconds. Closing scene She wakes up on her bed naked and pink gloves wondering how she got here. You leave a note saying to meet you at your place for dinner. She smiles knowing she had a good time and cannot wait to see what it is for dinner. She changes back into her normal clothes and takes her pink gloves with her. She leaves all happy and excited for her date. The camera then fades away with her walking down the driveway smiling away from the house.
7/6/2021 6:58:05 AM
Hi from Upgrade! Hay y'all A new custom for Kitty again is in! Un freakin believable how many custom orders Kitty is getting! So here is what the customer sends in. This new video is titles "NO PITTY KITTY" .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... The video starts POV style approaching Kitty. She is wearing pink boxing gloves and a sports bra and shorts with panties underneath, barefoot no socks. You are wearing shorts and black boxing gloves or red. She stands in the mat room facing you (camera). She has her arms up and is ready to go. "Let's have a boxing match", she tells you. "After every knockdown you can take an article of clothing off of me. But if it happens to you I'll get to that to you." You then quickly punch her face and she falls back against the wall. Then you start laying punches to her belly on and on and on. ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ After that, the video should be punches all over her body. With punches to her face and belly. Some lower belly punches aswell around near her cunt. After about 3 mins of punching her face and belly she get knock down. She then smiles and you take off her top revealing her breasts. You help her back up and start punching her belly and face some more. Again after 3 mins she falls down and you take off her shorts revealing her panties. You again help her back up and start punching her belly and face again with punches. Finally she is knockdown and strip naked. The last part of the video is her getting punched in the belly while naked staring face up at you. Also low belly punches by her cunt as well if she is comfortable with that. Punching her belly as she moans to orgasm. During this time and the fight she can moan and be like "you suck at punching me." Eventually though she can be knocked out with one hard punch to her belly as she lays knocked out spread eagle on the mat. ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ During the whole POV videos with punches to her belly and face she should be very masochistic and submissive smiling from the punches and moaning from the pain.
7/1/2021 12:25:38 PM
Great Review by fan/customer who sent the script and funded the video! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes of course. I thought the video was amazing! The outfit she wore was perfect and exactly what I was looking for and the timing and following of the script was great as well. Please tell her thank you so much for the video and hopefully she wasn't too sore after ! Thank you as well for putting it all together! > On Jul 1, 2021, at 4:16 PM, wrote: > >  Hi Petar! Can we get a review from you if not too much trouble? Streetwalker is asking.. > > Thanks so much! > > Support May
6/30/2021 5:07:12 PM
So this custom is completed now and just released: Inside the Dungeon setting lies covered on the crank table the Dungeon Masters most recent capture. The stretch rack that has broken many victims alike secures this lovely scared woman. Dungeon master with no gloves using his bare hands first uncovers the helpless victim, focusing only on her belly and her stretched out tight ABS. Streetwalker bound onto the cranking table loosely with a cloth gag in her mouth. After removing the sheet to reveal Streetwalker underneath wearing shorts and a crop top Dungeon Master pats and rubs her belly over her shirt a few times before lifting it all the way up to her sports bra, exposing her entire belly. He then cranks her even tighter, stretching out her belly more. He puts water on her belly to make it shine revealing her perfect abdominal definition as it reflects off the Dungeon lights. He smacks her belly, warning her of what is to come. He then starts poking her with his finger in different parts, getting a sense of where she is sensitive, including her belly button. He punches her stretched out tight abs, slaps her belly, claws her belly, and digs his finger into her belly button hard. At some point he pulls her shirt over her face, covering her eyes so she can't see what's coming. Works her belly for bit like that, then lowers it off her face. He turns her belly towards the camera, smacking it while she is turned, He keeps cranking her tighter throughout the video, pulling her abs even tighter, giving him more to work with. He also continues to wet her belly, making it glisten. He even sits on her legs, holding them down so she can't move as he torments her belly even more. He presses his fingers and fists into her abs, causing her to try and flex. Then follows it up with a stinging slap. He then massages her belly while it's tender before leaving her on the table exhausted. Producers Notes: This custom video is filmed with steady mounted multi camera views in Dungeon Lighting and Super HD Pro Audio Sound.
6/23/2021 11:42:09 AM
Lily makes a fan very happy today! Here is his review that just came in! .................................................................................. Lily I'm over 100% satisfied with your willingness to please your fans and I'm /we are so great full for you. There should be a hall of fame with all the of dark flicks models Jill ,Lily,upgrade,Ava ect. I want to say all the girls that perform should feel the same love I'm giving. But Lily has nailed the two custom clips that I have wanted (feel my pain) and this one . And to this production team in general I want to give you a five star rating for customer service- you are fast on making thing happen and deliver with quality and perfection thank you!
6/19/2021 10:38:43 AM
Kitty gets this new custom, Kitty is really pulling in customs these last few weeks.. What gives? Customer writes: I would like this video to be like Fade to Black (POV), but more like a strip fighting contest. Kitty should start out in a bra, shorts (no panties), and socks. Kitty says that if you can knock her down, she'll strip something off for you. Part 1: Kitty is confident, and takes the punches. Eventually a gut punch catches her off guard and she falls down, coughing and feeling sick. She is shaken, and takes her socks off. She gets back up, still a little confident but more wary. Part 2: Kitty is punched harder. She is starting to grow weak. A punch hurts her gut so much that she falls and gags. She dry heaves a bit. She takes off her shorts. She gets back up and looks afraid to keep fighting. Part 3: Kitty is eventually punched so hard that she vomits. As she is on her knees moaning from the punch and vomit, you take off her bra. She tries to get away and staggers back up. Part 4: Kitty is beaten down. She can barely fight back, and her stomach is destroyed. She vomits often and loudly. Sometimes she has to fall to her knees to puke. Eventually she is just held up against the wall and punched repeatedly, vomiting occasionally. The video ends with a final punch that makes her crumple in a fetal position, groaning in pain. She drags herself over to the wall where she braces herself and vomits everything she has left. Then she faints and the video cuts. Let me know if you can do this! I have another simpler idea if this won't work, but I'd like to get this video made. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Customers review: THANK YOU for making this custom for me. Probably your best video to date. Kitty Is unmatched (but don't tell the other girls lol). 10/10
6/12/2021 7:37:20 PM
Customers review on Kitty's Vomit custom titled 'VOMITIZED Hello, The video is simply incredible, it is what I had asked for, and Kitty is perfect, the best I have seen. Please remember to tell me the price of the Anastasia vs Stretwalker video, and let me know when Lexus is available. This is the first of many others. Thanks Hello Please save the file to your computer, I can also add it to your account. Kitty is asking for a review! Thanks so much Enjoy! (let me know when you have the file saved) or if I need to add it to your account. Support Jen
6/12/2021 2:04:44 AM
THIS IS CRAZY!!! KITTY GETS YET ANOTHER CUSTOM VIDEO ORDER!! What is going on with Kitty. This is a record breaker none of the girls received 5 custom video orders in a row. 5 CUSTOM VIDEOS IN A ROW! Here is the scripted idea the customer/fan sends in: Kitty comes home from work, she is dressed in pants and a white shirt (like the one used in men's suits). She is attacked by surprise by a man to whom she owed money. He starts hitting her all over her stomach, solar plexus, navel, and her rib. Kitty falls to the ground many times vomiting all the time. The man unbuttons her shirt, we can see her stomach full of blows, Kitty is in a bra that is loose, letting us see her breasts (otherwise, nothing happens), while the man continues to hit her with all his might her. Kitty's entire chest and abdomen are dirty from her vomiting, until the man gives a final punch to her plexus that knocks her to the ground, the final minutes we can see Kitty stroking her abs while she vomits for the last time. I would like Kitty to say several times "don't punch me in the stomach"
6/5/2021 8:21:06 AM
Review on Custom video order titled: KITTY WIDE OPEN Thank you very much for making the custom video! It is awesome as always! Kitty is great, I loved her performance in this video. The way she shows her belly so much, her reaction, especially when laying on the couch and being in big trouble with Phoenix punching the hell out of her, even when she's begging her to stop because she can't take more in her belly. I must admit that her soft belly is perfect to be used as a punching bag. And also Phoenix did so well in the video, it's always great to see her sexy figure and her smile while punching Kitty soft belly. It seems that she loved doing that so much! So, in the end, thank you again for the video, I loved it, and confirmed that you are the best producer of belly punching video. I will surely order another custom video soon! Great work!
6/4/2021 9:34:43 PM
Why is Kitty so popular now? Kitty just got in another custom video order! Wondering what it is about Kitty you all like so much. Well expect another brand new video to come out soon with Kitty. Kitty makes a huge mistake and takes a belly punching challenge from Phoenix! Phoenix beats her soft stomach red and raw while Kitty begs her to stop. But this is an open belly Challenge where Kitty holds her belly out and open bare to Phoenix. it's like an open belly challenge and Kitty losses so bad. Kitty's weak belly is beaten red sore and tender by Phoenix. Phoenix did not allow Kitty to stop the challenge. Well that is the studio news for tonight guys.. Your part time office girl May
6/4/2021 10:12:51 AM
Custom Request for Kitty again, still working out the fine details, Customer/fan has not yet sent the funds to support this. HE WRITES: Kitty comes home from work, she is dressed in pants and a white shirt (like the one used in men's suits). She is attacked by surprise by a man to whom she owed money. He starts hitting her all over her stomach, solar plexus, navel, and her rib. Kitty falls to the ground many times vomiting all the time. The man unbuttons her shirt, we can see her stomach full of blows, Kitty is in a bra that is loose, letting us see her breasts (otherwise, nothing happens), while the man continues to hit her with all his might her. Kitty's entire chest and abdomen are dirty from her vomiting, until the man gives a final punch to her plexus that knocks her to the ground, the final minutes we can see Kitty stroking her abs while she vomits for the last time. I would like Kitty to say several times "don't punch me in the stomach" Thanks
6/4/2021 10:05:45 AM
Fan Writes in: Dear JLvids, Hi, how are you? Hope all is well with you all and I have an idea that I would like to see. With your permission, I would like to see a female receive hard bellypunches after eating a meal until she pukes out a lot and everything she ate/drank. food of choice doesn't matter or a couple of liters of water, but as along she has a full stomach. She should be blindfolded with another female holding her arms up and behind her back. The puncher and the female holding her can take turns punching her, but the choice is up to them. Would like for her to say "Please no" and "Ooooomph my gut/my stomach". Please wear sports bras, but no nudity. Also, please let the puncher be female and punch with her bare hands. Thank you and all of you to be safe and remain healthy. Sincerely, Anonymous
6/3/2021 7:32:49 PM
Hi Dear, Lily and Miley would be the two girls you would need to do this one. Miley beating Lily in the stomach, breasts and private area, this Female/Female beating can take place behind the studio in the woods, creek or our private waterfall. Send the funds to paypal (send as a gift to a friend not a service or extra fees from paypal will apply. Thank you for supporting the girls! Support May Fan Writes: I would like a video where girl 1 arrives at her house, she opens the door and suddenly girl 2 pounces on her, undresses her and leaves her in her underwear. girl 2 take her outside and start having fun with her banging her on the stomach, tits and private parts
6/3/2021 6:53:34 PM
Hey guys! This is Upgrade, I am the part time office girl this week. You should know who I am if you are a fan of the belly punching website. I gave myself the name Upgrade if you want to know. So anyway I want to say that we need a guy that will promote our new belly punching videos when they come out to 3 Facebook accounts and 3 VK accounts and one YouTube account. So we will provide you with the Image and the preview that needs to be promoted. Once we can see the preview and image posted on the mentioned belly punching social media accounts we will add that new video free to your DarkFlicks account. (or any one video of your choice) So we are so busy here making new belly punching videos and customs for other niches and fetishes besides bellypunching that we have NO TIME for social media promotion. We are and always will be NUMBER ONE and we need to count on some of you to help the girls here in the Studio. Please email me at Thanks so much LOVE ALL YOU GUYS!!! Signed UPGRADE
6/3/2021 1:48:15 PM
Just in! Customer/Fan Review from the KITTY BUSTED video he ordered! Wow! This video exceeded my expectations. Kitty did an amazing job! Thank you! Joe > DarkFlicks wrote: > >  Hi. Here is the custom video you have ordered. We also added it to your DarkFlicks account. Kitty is very interested in your review on how she did! Also she thanks you for the custom during these hard times with Covid...
6/2/2021 9:16:46 PM
JUST IN: Phoenix has been challenged by Kitty to a fight, but she doesn't know who her opponent is. She arrives at the place, wearing something belly revealing, and high heels, and she finds Kitty waiting for her, with a similar outfit (heels), with something covering her belly (but that can be removed to show Kitty's belly). Phoenix smiles, taunting Kitty about hiding and covering her belly, and she quickly makes Kitty stand there bare belly, and she taunts there even more about her soft belly, that would be her ruin in the fight. And in fact Phoenix begins to pummel and beat the hell out of Kitty's bare belly, punching and hitting the poor Kitty without giving her time to recover and making her feel sick, like she's going to throw up. But Phoenix doesn't stop and goes in the beating, until Kitty can't take anymore, begs her to stop, but Phoenix stops only when Kitty is totally done.
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