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EMBER SKYE Dominates UPGRADE. Upgrade jumped and beaten (By Ember) consecutive shots, brass knuckles non stop till she is out. Wakes up tied down and having her belly kissed and licked. Then hard belly punching, if she says stop or no more than she gets punched more. Ember Skye tears off Upgrades shirt. Upgrade gets her shirt ripped off revealing her nice tits. She has them sucked on and nipples pulled. She gets her belly punched hard again, just beaten hard. She gets her belly kissed all the way up and then gets kissed. Right after that Upgrade is told she is going to be embarrassed and humiliated. Is told she is going to be revealed to everyone. Upgrade gets turned over and her ass gets spanked hard. Then as she gets thong taken off and gets spanked more. Then a close up and she gets her ass spread to be revealed to everyone. She gets turned back over and legs are tied up in the air and spread revealing all of her. She is then beaten hard and nonstop while she is fingered rough. She is continuously fingered with close ups of her being fingered deep and cumming/ squirting. Upgrade is forced to suck on and worship the beaters foot with still being fingered and cumming. She then gets squirted on by the beater. Upgrade then gets another serious of stomach beatings all while still being fingered rough. At the end Upgrade is laying there exposed and humiliated. 

28 Minutes.  453 MB. wmv Format.  Free preview.

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