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Yoshi gives up her body as punishment, but it seems the harder Controversy beats her, the more she takes it. Controversy tries to break Yoshi while shooting her with a water hose to distract her from the vicious blows all over her stomach area. The water torture helped controversy deliver effective shots while Yoshi's ABS were un-flexed. Yoshi is winded so many times she screams out in pain, but the pounding keeps coming and knocks her breathless. Yoshi is water tortured and beat on for 22 minutes until Controversy thinks she had enough belly punishment. Yoshi's stomach gets totally destroyed while restrained to the horizontal X (Raper prop.) Yoshi's sexy belly turns all the colors from the vicious attack. Her sexy belly becomes noticeably bruised and swollen before Controversy thinks her victim had enough. Yoshi is left with a beaten sore stomach.

22 Minutes. 528 MB. wmv Format. Free preview

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