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Custom Video: Upgrade working at the studio office approving posts from the message board and checking emails. Controversy upset Upgrade was getting too much attention she decides to chloroform Upgrade knocking her out. Waking up fully restrained to the "Bed Of Destruction" Realizing that what is about to happen is her stomach is going to get fully destroyed by Controversy. Semi conscious and not fully awake She is striped of her clothes and beaten to oblivion. Fully nude Upgrade is moved to the new never used before prop the "RAPER" . Controversy beat this poor girl while the new prop did it's job perfectly. The Raper secured upgrades legs spread apart and allowed her tormentor full access to her most sensitive areas. Violently fingered while punched Upgrade was forced to squirt. Upgrade is left suffering with a beat red sore stomach and a belly button filled with her own cum.

21 Minutes. 352 MB. wmv Format.  Free preview

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