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Pain and suffering while extremely long recovery on all fours, the silent cries and the twisting in pain, struggling to recover acutely. Barley moving on the mat, hobbling, inching and moving slowly and quietly the hurt body is absolutely writhing in pain instantly after each accurate blow as the relaxed and un-flexed abdominal wall fails to protect the solar plexus from a gut wrenching impact. Unable to feel better the victim stays in pain under Controversy’s rules until her body gives out.  A body hurt, absolutely writhing and groaning. You see this sexy body squirm with desire to breathe. This woman writhes and softly yelps as the pain shoots through her entire body.  AVA lasts until her body completely gives out and can no longer take another single hit by her punisher.  Eyes Closed, Stomach relaxed the down time after each punch is very long. The recovery is slow. The body pain lingers and finally goes numb.  Extreme pain and long quiet suffering.

25 Minutes. 575 MB. wmv Format. Free preview

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