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Wishlist:  Dacey and Akira sitting at the picnic table in the studio backyard when Anastasia hands them a package that was delivered to the studio. The girls ordered 2 pairs of gloves with steel plates sewed inside. Anastasia is confused as to why the girls would order them and the girls just looking for an excuse to use them decide to break them in immediately. Anxious to use the new special order gloves they drag poor Anastasia down in the near by Warrior Creek and a Two On One Belly Punching takes place. The punching strength is light to mild as the girls test the modified gloves and Anastasia's reactions are sure exaggerated with her loud ooof's and ahhhh's.  The girls had enough of her loud mouth and cover her mouth while they continue to work her belly over punching her right in the gut. Anastasia goes down in the water and she is straddled and punched in the stomach until the girls are satisfied with testing the new especially made gloves of destruction. Editors Notes: Punches are light to mild, reactions are exaggerated.  Single hand held camera Action.
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