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   Depraved Slut was so erotic the customer wanted a repeat with the roles reversed. Vanity tied up on the St. Andrew’s cross just above the dildo and Lily punching her. Vanity is naked and wet wearing high heels.  Lily wears a sexy dress with nothing underneath.Vanity lowering herself on to the dildo and enjoying it. Lily comes in. She is shocked. She punches Vanity and tells her to stop which Vanity does. Vanity lifts herself up as best she can but soon must let herself down again. More punches, Lily punches her whenever she touches the dildo. Lily gets turned on, takes off her dress and rubs herself against Vanity as well as continuing the punching. Vanity writhes in pleasure and pain and begs for more as Lily caresses, kisses and punches her. A pleasure and pain David Saxman Scripted production with full power stomach punching.

26 Minutes. 632 MB. wmv Format. Free preview

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