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Maria's Abdominal work-over breaks her down as she is being punched harder. Maria understands that she will be punched harder in the stomach and the beating will continue punch after punch with rapid fire blows not allowing any recovery time. Maria is to stand and take the punches. When her ABS weaken and fail to protect her sexy belly she must remove another piece of clothing. The beating increases, as each time Maria weakens, from the impacts of Toms timed punches to Maria's sexy belly as she must undresses each time she shows weakness. Tom breaks her down with even harder punches in the upper, mid & lower belly and her breasts and private are punched and slapped. Finally Maria's sexy body is naked and beaten to Tom's satisfaction. Once Maria totally submits and is not able to stand for another punch, he takes her from behind. REVISED to Clear HD Larger Viewing size, large file size, with superior colors and clear audio sound.

30 Minutes. 670 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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