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Madam LILY OWNS Cry baby TRISTEN SWEET: Triston Sweet wonders into the studio from the gay bar across the street and Madam LILY finds him snooping around the back of the studio. Well Madam Lily caged him like a pet and decided she wants to beat his stomach in as a punishment for being curious about the studio. Tristen is such a little cry baby even when Lily pulls his boxer shorts down to expose his bulge. Lily strokes him to make him hard then beats him in the stomach until he is soft again. Madam Lily finds this fun and exciting so she continues to beat cry baby Tristen's ABS and stroking him making him hard then punching him soft while having him experience pleasure and pain. This is the first time Tristen Sweet has been a belly punching slave and LILY enjoys the turn at being in control of her little cry baby pet.

20 Minutes. 475 MB. wmv Format. Free preview

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