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SVETA - BREAKDOWN: Sveta is broken down and she has her ABS busted until she is swollen red and can not longer take it by a trained female puncher.Standing willingly against the wall and her stomach is pounded with rapid jabs and on target timed punches. Sveta almost lasts the full 20 minute challenge before her Abdominal wall softens up and can no longer flex anymore.The rapid combination blows break down her hard muscle wall until her stomach is soft and soft red and worn down. Truly a fitness endurance test with on target body shots and AB core strength striking all of her Abdominal wall and solar plexus. Sveta tries hard not to show she is busted with painful smiles but her swelled up red stomach tells all. After this rip-core muscle train Sveta's ABS will be more conditioned then ever.

20 Minutes. 465 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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