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SVETA'S FANTASIES; (6 Short video stories)  
Story 1:  Wearing my dress he cuts it, I take a few punches, he leads me to the armchair for more punches while I moan. He uses the knife making a mess of me.  Story 2: Wearing my belly dancer costume and high heels I'm dancing for the camera. My villain comes in and caresses my belly. He licks, kisses and lightly punches  me while I moan. He takes a broom and presses hard. Story 3: My back against a stool in the belly dancer dress. He punches me, my belly is oiled.  He presses his thumbdeep in my navel. He makes a mess of me with the knife in my navel. Story 4:  Lying on the ground, on the carpet, he punches me several times. He cuts with the knife in my thighs andcalves. What have I done I ask. Story 6: He wants to kill me, but instead I offer to die for him. He tells me ok to die for him. I do but it was a bit messy.
25 Minutes. 758 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview

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