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 Steve arriving home from a day at the office to find Jill in her private gym, dressed in crop top and bikini panties, punching at a punching bag with boxing gloves. Steve begins to work her belly with punches. Jill leans back and looks up into Steve’s eyes licking her lips and says “Work me in the ring!”  Jill ends up in the corner, her back to the turnbuckle pads, as Steve works the deepest and hardest punches into Jill’s belly. Steve asking Jill if she gives up…and with Jill refusing. After each refusal, Steve PUNCHES her hard, deep into her belly again and again. She finally DOES give up. Steve spends time kissing and licking Jill’s belly, more punches are hard, deep, and he holds his fist deep inside her belly for several seconds and then move his fist around, slowly, while it is still pressed deep inside her belly Steve moves back and gives her some nice long French kissing to the mouth, and another fist deep in the belly.

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