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Pure Desire: Erotic instrumental music plays, Lights dimmed to set the mood, Extreme close up and close up cameras in place. The submissive lesbian has an admirer who wishes to remain behind a mask. The desire to have the and to own a woman's hot stomach, to extensively beat her while fingering her wet private as she continuously begs for more, harder, deeper impacts. The submissive orgasms dozens of times as her mystery puncher has permission to do anything. Close up views only in this erotic session request by the admirer who enters to find a prize sitting in on the floor begging for the full belly punishment and the pleasure of being owned by an puncher who delivers the most erotic sensations. Two HD camera views mounted on steady tripods, pro Audio sound (Background music playing) Erotic lighting.

20 Minutes. 748 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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