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Customer Writes: Two girls on Lexus in an out-door (DeadEnd) type shoot.  One girl (Phoenix taller one)  Holds Lexus while Riley punches her. (Upper cuts like in "Lexus destroyed") Lexus should wear a long pair of jeans and a cropped top, that shows off her navel, but not too much belly. The other girls should also more dress in a street-fashion way than too fetish-like. You know, a bit realistic. I love some sarcastic comments like "ougggh right in the gut. This has to hurt." And she could say something like "ouhh my gosh right in the stomach. Please stop!" She should bend over and moan in pain for about 5 to 10 seconds after being punched. I like this more than punch after punch too fast. Love the reaction. If this is possible, it would be awesome. It don't have to be word for word., but the overall scenario would be great, she just being in the wrong side of town.  
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