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CUSTOM VIDEO ORDER: Lexus and Kayla are getting ready to go to the beach. Kayla gets a call and she says that she can't wait to get rid of Lexus because she hates her. Lexus hears this and confronts Kayla by pinning her against the wall by her throat. Kayla doesn't say anything and Lexus knees her REPEATEDLY in the gut until Kayla is unconscious. FADING TO:  Kayla wakes up tied to a chair whimpering. Lexus asks Kayla if she wants to talk. Kayla refuses so Lexus launches at her and begins choking her. Kayla flairs her arms around and begs Lexus to stop until she is knocked out. Lexus then launches a BRUTAL, NON STOP BARRAGE of punches in Kayla's belly. Kayla takes them silently because she is unconscious. As she slowly wakes up, her soft moans turn to loud screams of pain as she takes CONTINUOUS PUNCHES TO THE BELLY. Lexus then takes a weak, non-resistant Kayla over to the Bed and lays her across it. She then gags Lexus and resumes her brutal punching. Kayla is rising and flopping back down with the force of the punches. Eventually Kayla is out cold and Lexus finishes with a brutal double handed blow into the pit of her stomach.
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