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Custom- Video Order - Lexus is tied tight on the short rack in the dungeon. The Instruments: lead filled metal leather gloves, metal ball and the Cattle Prod Taser. Riley enters the dungeon the gloves on. She approaches her and says this is really going to hurt a  lot.  She continues hitting her belly while Lexus is screaming and moaning and straining on the rack. Talking is at minimum except for Lexus's panting and yelling. This goes on for awhile then she switches to the metal ball and comes down really hard on her stomach with it. again and again . Riley grabs the taser and pushes it hard into her belly and now she is begging for mercy as she shocks her all over her stomach. Riley then starts to punch her ( still has the gloves on) and alternatively shock her for a while ( like in inmate).  Lexus is groaning in agony. Riley then straddles her on the rack and continues to beat her with the metal ball and shock her with the taser on her belly- She  then starts hitting her (still straddled) only with the leather gloves ( no metal ball) and still shocking her alternatively with the taser. Riley eventually gets off of her  Her belly is now a mess. Riley then keeps hitting her with the gloves until Lexus feints making it nonstop and agonizing stomach destruction.


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