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Custom video order. He writes: I want an exaggerated back and forth belly punching match with two girls. I want each punch to at least look hard and to be held in for 2-4 seconds (it can vary between punch) I want each punch to cause the girls to go OOOF and UGHHHH in a exaggerated manner as if they were getting the wind knocked out of them and to double over from every other punch. I'd like if the match takes place standing up away from the wall and the second half to be up against a wall. I'd also like if throughout the video they were to act progressively sicker and nauseous and eventually mid way through the video they start to drool from the punches as if they were getting the spit punched out of them.  Also I'd like some zoom in shots of the girls stomachs in a close-up  manner throughout the video if possible. Hair Down,  Bikini under cropped top, Indoor room. NO gloves. Belly punching match focus mainly on the belly button when it comes to the punches. Reactions like grunts instead of whines. Lastly emphasis on the words gut and stomach.I'd like if they were to say "OH MY GUT"  "YOU PUNCHED ME IN THE STOMACH SO DEEP"  "that punch got me so deep in the stomach I'm gunna throw up"   And other phrases along those lines if possible.


21 Minutes. 633 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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