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LOCK-UP Day 1 (Revised): Custom video order.  Behind bars,  A holding cell for bad girls that do bad things. Scenario:  "Yoshi" a sexy young street punk with an attitude ends up behind bars with two inmates. Yoshi learns a hard lesson after the two repeat offenders work her over in the cell. Yoshi does not back down a bit and stands up to the bullies who pounds her with gut busting blows repeatedly. Yoshi goes down many times but gets right back up and stands her ground UN-afraid of what she must go through to prove she is not one to be picked on. The girl learns the hard way after keeping an attitude until she finally breaks down after the brutal beat-down. Yoshi destroyed and stomach punched inside the cell until the steel doors un-lock for her. Yoshi regains her tuff girl attitude leaving all beat up and flips off the bigger mean girls who tried to give her an attitude adjustment. (REVISED in clearer viewing quality and sound.

25 Minutes. 639 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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