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Jealous Lover: Custom Video Order. Both Lovers on the bed Phoenix is reading a book. Sarena sitting next to Phoenix. Sarena is jealous that she isn't getting any attention. She starts rubbing her hands up and down Phoenix stomach on top of her shirt. Phoenix just moans cause it turns her on but keeps ignoring her as she reads. Sarena then starts rubbing her hand under Phoenix shirt on her belly and slowly lifts up her shirt.  Sarena kisses and rubs Phoenix belly. It turns Phoenix on, and she arches her back and stretches out her belly and moans while continuing to read her book. All of a sudden, Sarena gives Phoenix a big quick punch. Phoenix gasps and moans. Phoenix says how good it feels and begs for more, again still reading her book. Sarena continues to kiss and give Phoenix a series of punches. Phoenix puts her book down and lays over Sarena lap for harder punches. Phoenix  continuously begs for more and harder. Sarena continues to enjoy punching Phoenix, she also adds some hard belly slaps. Serena lifts Phoenix shirt up exposing her bra as well as pulling her pants down far enough exposing her panties. After a while Phoenix gets very submissive while still begging for more and  let's Sarena do whatever she wants. They reposition again and this time Phoenix  lays out on the bed again and Sarena  straddles and sits on Phoenix legs and continues to punch and slap her belly and in between she rubs Phoenix belly and kisses her on the lips form time to time. Both girls are horny and turned on.  Phoenix soon pushes Sarena off straddleing her. Serena lays with her hands above her head. Phoenix puts her arm behind Sarena back to arch her back while she delivers hard punchs and slaps repeatedly one after another. Sarena crys in pain and eventually Phoenix  stops and both girls kiss and say how they should do this again sometime. Editors Notes: Multi camera views mounted on tripods. Pro audio Sound and Lighting to set the mood.


32 Minutes. 735 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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