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Iva Sinister, brand new to the internet and recruited from Fetishcon.  This very cute girl surprisingly had the strength and power to beat Vanity in a stomach punching contest.  Each of the girls has their arms held back while taking some solid direct stomach punches.  Vanity was upset she lost the contest and made it a point that she was beaten by Jill Lauren so Iva should also be beaten by Jill. Iva accepts the punches from Jill then after a few solid punches to her sexy belly she complains that she should not only be the one getting punched. So a contest goes on between Jill and Iva.  When Iva runs off out of the ring Jill decides they both are losers and both Vanity and Iva need to get punched out.  Jill then punches out the both of them on the new prop until they both walk out of the studio holding their red sore bellies.

25 Minutes. 378 MB   wmv Format.  Free preview

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