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Phoenix  dressed as a belly dancer, she begins to dance, and at this time she is beaten with a whip on her ass and legs, she is beaten very cruelly, she tries to continue dance. Then she is stripped to her panties and beat some more. Phoenix puts on black stockings on her legs, and is restrained and hangs her by the arms.  Beat very violently in the stomach with full on punches until she vomits. Phoenix vomits several times. There are many different angles, and the face of the Phoenix is visible close up while puking her brains out. There are close-ups of phoenix body and face and full distance views. The beating is severe and her belly and stomach are punched very hard and deep even while vomiting. The girl seems to be invincible as she is severely punished and beat to a pulp until she is dropped to the ground where she continues to throw up her guts.  Custom video order by "ERHOGG" 
Editors Notes:  Multi camera views, 4K  HD Quality. Dungeon lighting and pro Audio sound.

22 Minutes. 665 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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