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High-End Custom video order from China in Super HD.  Customer writes: (All spewing up hard belly punching clip!) with DarkFlicks girls: Dacey and Sarea, their hair is tied back. Cloth : sports bra and bare belly and short pants. Punches using gloves filled with the lead inside. Video frame rate: Super HD 60fps. Location : indoor. I want to watch each girl puke up after each set of blows. All barfing scenes by belly punching and knee kicks! Women trade 5 times attacks each other belly. Both women are belly attacked against a wall. They throw up by belly punches every turn. Please focus on their face especially when they puke up. I want hand held single camera action focusing on face when upchucking. I want this in Super HD.


23 Minutes. 691 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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