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Instigator Custom Video order; Customer writes: I want caught off guard moments. First punch is given when Anastasia is introducing herself.  In mid conversation Dacey punches Anastasia in the solar plexus-  kinda blind sided and unexpected catching the natural reaction and recovery.  Dacey stands Anastasia against the wall  giving her great combination of punches and the fist was held in position after each punch. The girls engaged in a argumentative conversation, giving Dacey plenty of options for punching Anastasia in the stomach unexpectedly. Any moments that can be created as an opportunity for distraction, like Dacey lifting up Anastasia's chin with one hand and punching her in the stomach with the other while teasing her about having a soft weak stomach.  Anastasia gets hand cuffed elbows bent ,wrist at eye level with top removed and ting more UN expected punches to the stomach. Dacey instigate s the situation with accusing Anastasia of talking about her behind her back.  Going for real reaction and unexpected punches. Dacey being very dominant while she finishes her off with a solid punch in the solar plexus.


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