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IN SO DEEP her strong muscles allow her to bury her extremely hard blows into Phoenix's relaxed belly with every deep punch in her skinny stomach. Phoenix thinner then ever relaxes her abdominal wall allowing a thud sounding blow to penetrate so deep inside she wets her panties from the excitement and Sarena Pumped up after an intense work-out earlier during the days drives the most hardest, deepest jabs into the pit of Phoenix's stomach. Phoenix lets out a breathless moan with every power driven impact that sinks into the very pit of her stomach. Phoenix stays un-flexed for the power hitter and Sarena keeps on driving them home in between kisses and groping feels that drive them both so crazy Phoenix squirts right through her panties and Sarena gets even more turned on herself. Phoenix comes like crazy soaking her thin panties as Sarena rubs her making her cum while another deeper thud sounding hit sinks in once again.  The two can't stop the desire for deeper pain within. 

Editors Notes: Single action hand held video camera, Pro Audio sound and Erotic Lighting to set the mood. 
25 Minutes. 665 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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