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Custom Video order. Lexus, Akira & Dacey. Scenario: 5min-Card game at party competing, Akira is winner. 3min-Lexus loses to Akira (the winner). Lexus does a couple humiliating exercises for Akira. Akira challenges Lexus to a fight, both know she will lose as she is not a fighter. 5min-Akira & Lexus start to fight, Lexus fails instantly at attempting to fight the bigger girls. Lexus pays the price for being a wimpy little girl not knowing how to fight and takes more stomach punches to her skinny weak flat belly ABS. 5 min- Akira and Dacey punch each other in the stomach to show Lexus that harder stomach punches should not hurt so much. Dacey and Akira take punches from one another with pleasure to show off to Lexus and show her how much of a skinny little wimp she is. Akira and Dacey laugh while the punches bounce off of their hard flexed fit ABS. 7min- Dacey joins in beating up Lexus punching her skinny weak ABS as her belly get sore. Belly punching 2 on 1 continues as Dacey holds down Lexus while Akira belly punches Lexus. Dacey has a turn punching Lexus in the stomach while Akira holds her down. *OUTFIT CHANGE FOR ANOTHER CARD GAME* 5min-Playing strip card game a few weeks later Lexus wins and Akira & Dacey lose and must leave the party naked. **Customers Review**  The young ladies did a very good job - I have nothing but compliments and praises for the finished product. I hope your audience enjoys it as much as I. My compliments to all involved. An outstanding job - a true, silk purse from a sow's ear.
25 Minutes. 673 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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