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Gym member Abby has a crush on Sarena and approaches her offering to help her work-out her ABS. Sarena immediately likes Abby and allows her to help. Abby admits she is hot for Sarena while working her out and asks her if she can punch her in the hard stomach. Abby pounds Sarena punching her mid-section extremely hard with the led filled grappling gloves making thud sounding impacts. They both get very turned on during the workout session until eventually punches and kisses between the two heat up the private room in the gym. Abby increases the punching power while Sarena  grunts and moans with pleasure and pain. Sarena asks for more and harder punches while Abby delivers just what she needs. Sarena is left lying on her back rubbing her stomach taking in her erotic work over by the very strong Gym member Abby after the heavy weighted gloves bounced of her defined Abdominal wall.
Editors Notes: Two HD camera views mounted on steady tripods Nicely edited together. Pro Audio Sound, natural gym lighting.

20 Minutes 676 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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