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Custom Video Order by "Punchaway" He writes: Anastasia is a trouble-making country girl who has been arrested. She is thrown in the interrogation chamber by Officer Hobbs. She isn’t restrained. Basically Anastasia tries to escape, and Officer Hobbs beats her to a pulp. She Is destroyed with belly punches. Officer Hobbs beats her, strips her topless, beats her more, then strips her naked. Occasionally Anastasia is Hit in the stomach so hard that she spits up drool loudly (she makes loud vomiting sounds). Eventually Anastasia becomes so weak that she just has her back to the wall and takes the punches limply while her eyes roll up and drool drips from her mouth. At the end, Anastasia is punched so hard that she vomits for a long time (see sequence below). The shot ends with Anastasia laying on the ground. *Vomit sequence should look like this: Anastasia is punched standing up. She makes sounds like she is going to puke and looks like she is holding the vomit back. She pukes her guts up. Her eyes roll up in her head and she vomits silently and her tongue hangs out. She clutches her stomach after puking with both arms She pukes again and falls to the ground.


20 Minutes. 604 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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