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Rampage has gone crazy ballistic at the studio, pounding her own knuckles raw on her victim at full strength. No holding back on the mats as her rag-doll must stay submissive to the beat-down. Vanity's stomach turns black, blue, purple and swollen red as visible welts develop. Rampage busts her own hands up working over her victim to settle a score. Vanity's punishment is to stay submissive for the full duration or until Rampage exhausts herself.  Rampage finished her victim just shy of the 20 minute mark and they called it quits when the the lower belly swelled up and when the power puncher got it all out of her system. What ever happened between the two girls in the studio is not known but they sure settled the score.  Rampage is satisfied with the results and Vanity paid for her mistakes.  Rampage and Vanity are both now open for custom orders again.

18 Minutes. 560 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview

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