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Freeway Creeper resides in the woods along the freeway preying on hitchhikers and stranded motorists. Trailing thru the woods seeking roadside assistance is his perfect victim who he hangs from a tree by her wrists and sets up his cameras to put her on display like a trophy prize. Proud of his catch he shows her off to the camera and has his fun with her promising her if she is good and gives herself up to him, he will let her go free.  She takes the pounding from the creeper while restrained by a rope hanging over a tree branch in the woods  just off the busy freeway.  He beats her in the stomach and when she falls from slipping out from the rope the pounding continues and he pummels her into the ground punching her in the stomach and belly with added knees into her guts making sure the cameras capture her recoveries. His prize finally runs off in the woods but not after her belly is beat red and destroyed and this creep had his fun with her.

22 Minutes. 845 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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