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Bloated belly punching custom order by "Bloatman", Bloated by each girl drinking a 2 litter soda spiked to dim their  awareness. Spiked Soda  FULL 2 litter bottles consumed by Lily and Simplicity. Simplicity and Lily made to consume a full bottle each of soda mixed with contents making them both barely able to stand up on their own and feeling very sick in pain. The pair of full stomachs filled with two litters of soda bloat out their bellies making them UN-able to flex due to the fullness and the slowed response from the mix inside the soda. They hold one another up acting tipsy and dizzy from the drink mix that the delayed reaction from the deep punches and jabs. Both girls admit that the pain from the severe bellyache from the soda fill is ten times worse. The pain from each jab hurts so much more with the bloated stomach. The soda sloshing around and protruding their full bellies outward. Punches are driven in deep. They almost throw -up and even say they feel like throwing up at times. The girls were not allowed to urinate and must keep all the soda inside them during the 2 litter bloat challenge custom video order. The video footage starts out after the girls consume the spiked beverage to spare the viewer of the silly parts. Two HD cameras mounted on steady tripods nicely edited together for distance and close up reactions. Pro Audio sound and lighting.


20 Minutes. 775 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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