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Custom Video order: Fight in which a target overpowers a hit-woman.  (Hitwoman) Sarena starts off sneaking up on Vanity (The Target.) Sarena grabs the target and pins her against the wall , choking her. Sarena kneed in the belly. Vanity over powers punching her solid hard ABS while choking her. Sarena collapses, drooling, gagging, throws up. Pulled back to her feet for more shirtless beating. Sarena collapses, drools and goes completely unresponsive. Sarena chained to table. Interrogating Sarena with very hard stomach punching, brutal belly punches and gut punching blows. Sarena drools while gasping to breathe. Vanity brings out LED FILLED gloves and destroys her. Customer writes:  Watched my custom video that I ordered and it was absolutely amazing. Flawlessly captures every aspect of my script and both girls gave fantastic performances. Sarena was perfect, from her reactions to the punches. Loved Sarena's costume. Drooling on the table scene was also executed perfectly. Vanity landed some of the fastest and hardest punches I have ever seen, an excellent punisher. Sound quality excellent! Hearing every punch crystal clear.  Interactions during this process was very pleasant and professional, keeping me updated and accommodating the requests.  Really enjoyed this custom and would love to see a sequel.

20 Minutes. 584 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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