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EVERMORE THUDS:  Young, thin thud sounding tone drum belly exposed for the taking while our victim is restrained by all fours. Extremely flexed to the maximum this little girl attempts to fight off the punches into her stomach. Flexing as hard as she possibly can the tight little belly absorbs each blow with hollow thud sounds and keeping it so flexed so hard this young smooth stomach is pounded until beat deep red. The drum belly so tight and hard gives in as the swelling begins. The impacts go deeper and harder while the hard flexing begins to weaken. With a weak belly red and so swollen the impacts continue to land even deeper while still continuing  to make intensified thud sounds and the Abdominal wall flexes out the penetrated blows while our young belly victim gasps for another breath. The victims tactic of holding her breath and flexing as hard as she can fails. The punches are effective, deep and hard and the tight little belly turns softer as her reddened stomach is impacted until her wide open mouth sucks wind with each gasping breath. Multiple camera views mounted on steady tripods with pro audio sound and lighting to set the mood.

23 Minutes.  705 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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