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Custom video opens with Lexus tied stretched on the half barrel in the Dungeon.  Her wrists are tied next to each other stretched  high straight above her head and attached near the top of the back wall. This stretches and flattens her belly so the punches can be more direct. Her feet are tied and spread. Relentlessly pounded with the heavy lead filled leather gloves, metal steel ball and jabbed with the drumstick. Alternating with the metal ball and Riley taking the gloves on and off. Talking to a minimum. Riley brutally evil and beating Lexus's belly stretched taut on the half barrel.  Lexus is  groaning screaming and panting and begging for mercy. Action is constant. Hitting her harder and harder repeatedly as her belly turns redder and redder. Plunging the stick deeper and deeper she groans in agony panting. Taking out the metal ball with close up shots to capture their reactions. Riley is beating her really hard on her belly with the metal ball, lead filled gloved and no gloves at all. Lexus endures the Endless pain even breaking down and crying.


30 Minutes. 685 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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