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Diamond trampled on the ABDOMINAL Stretching "Annihilator" prop. Cranking it up as AVA Crush Tramples the silent screaming new comer. This is Diamonds very first trample and this is the first time the ANNIHILATOR is used for TRAMPLE. Annihilator is cranked to bow upward Diamonds mid section. This torture prop prevents Diamond from flexing so Ava's bare feet sink deep as possible. The pain is UN-bearable and the tourture continues for over 24 minutes. Diamond wearing a thin tight sexy dress and strapped down to the prop by her wrists and ankles. Ava's dirty feet leaving imprints on the sexy black dress. Diamond will take the pain quietly as in her casting call video while AVA tries her hardest to make her cry out in pain. The Annihilator always wins as it is designed to keep the ABS from flexing. Deep sinking sexy bare feet on a very pretty woman in a very sexy dress.

24 Minutes. 574 MB. wmv Format. Free preview.

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