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DIA ZERVA vs JIN (Revised in Clear HD Viewing Quality)  Dia steps up into the ring at Jin's studio. The challenge is on as they secure their wraps. This is a full no limit challenge in the ring. The fight to win continues until there is clearly a winner. The punching contest starts out with hands tied behind the back for for the puncher to break down and destroy her opponents  abdominal wall.  Once the girl goes down then the stomach bashing continues down in the mats. Jill pounds Dia first and gives her a beating she never experienced. Then it's Dia's turn to destroy Jill. Hands tied behind the back Dia returns the blows into the put of Jill's belly breaking her down. Jill's stomach is completely busted by the experienced fighter but stands up for the stomach busting blows not even a strong man could endure. Jill hits the mat harder then Dia Zerva did and Dia moves in to finish Jill on the floor of her own ring. Jill takes a sever beating by Dia even once down with bruised and busted ABS until her stomach is can no longer take another single punch.

30 Minutes. 900 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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