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Customer writes::
For this custom video order Vanity should be wearing an outfit that will show off her entire stomach area: Destruction of Vanity stomach starting off with her up against the wall where she is punched and kneed in the stomach moving to non stop punches to her stomach upper, mid and lower stomach until she is beaten so bad she slides down wall to floor where she is punched where she slides down at, than pulled from wall where she is straddled and punched some more in stomach right at belly button, mid and upper stomach , than some knee and elbow drops into lower belly ending with her out and her belly totally destroyed by her male attacker.

Editors Notes: Brutal Belly Punching, Multi HD camera views on steady tripods nicely edited together Pro Audio Sound Quality, Lighting to set the mood.

20 Minutes. 602 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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