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The beautiful Vanity destroys another perv. Vanity destructs a guy who has been bothering some women around town. Vanity drives extremely hard uppercut punches into her victim’s soft exposed stomach until he’s either unconscious, or on the verge of throwing up. Vanity uses her strong uppercuts to teach this perv a real lesson. Not only does the sexy Vanity use her bare fist to show how serious she is about keeping the perv from harassing all the woman in town she uses her knees to really get him in the gut. However, Vanity maintains a slow, deliberate, torturous pace throughout the beating but it doesn't end there....  She insures that her fist is driven deep into his soft stomach because she wants to make the guy as sick as possible!! Vanity is throwing the hardest, most brutal punches she can throw to finish the guy off until her victim is to her satisfaction.

21 Minutes. 517 MB. wmv Format. Free preview.

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