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Anastasia is a delivery girl  and ordering is a trap by officer Hobbs. She is to be submitted to a systematic stomach destruction until she passes out. But she is fit and proves to be surprisingly resilient. Reactions should be low profile, no whimpering or crying, from a tough girl progressively worn out throughout the punishment, showing a “curve” going from astonishment, to resistance and then to exhaustion. The punisher gives no trash-talk. Camera stays always close to Anastasia, producing close-ups of her stomach being punched and her suffering face. She is gradually worn down, she doubles over, folding around the punisher’s arm, closer and closer to the floor, producing longer and deeper “ooowhs” and “oooffs” every time. The camera toggles every three or four punches, from her face to her stomach and back. She is finally winded, and asks for mercy “Anastasia winces, mouth forming an “o”, eyes rolling back. She slides down to the floor, softly panting. Camera fades in Anastasia tied to the bed , slowly comes back to her senses,  Anastasia is speechless and breathless, wincing, only letting out weaker and weaker Wwwhhs. The camera toggles from her face to her stomach and back. Every punch seems to go deeper. Her eyes roll up, mouth open, drool (water) forming trickling from the ).  Anastasia doesn’t complain, whimper or cry. But as the punching continues, the reactions become weaker and weaker, until she is close to passing out.

27 Minutes. 684 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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