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Put through a series of work out tests, the loser of each round of work out tests gets punched in the stomach as a punishment for losing. This hi-end custom video really works the girls to extreme exhaustion. All the girls have their stomach beat. "Contest" (Upgrade's Win) Endurance contest between Amo & Upgrade (loser gets beat after each work-out) Upgrade feeling brave punches Jill in the stomach after her victory win against Amo. Jill backs away from Upgrade. Upgrade then slamming some good upper cuts into Jill'. Amo is down for the count and doesn't get up. Jill is stunned by the punches and the challenge from Upgrade. (REVISED) to Clear HD viewing quality in brilliant colors and pro audio sound and lighting.

25 Minutes. 595 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview

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