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For the "Navel Love" fans. (by David Saxman.)("The edited version of COCO ABS) Controversy is jealous of Lexus and Upgrade. She finds them making out in the ring. Controversy makes them do some sit-ups while she punches them. (even while up-side down) Then lying together, exhausted on the floor they rub, kiss and lick each others sore bellies, then in a very erotic sequence they cover each other in chocolate and continue their love-making. Controversy tries to bully them again but soon becomes aroused herself, takes off her dress, and joins in to make a threesome. A chance to see three beautiful stomachs glistening with sweat and covered in chocolate and three sexy girls enjoying each other in giving and receiving Navel Love

18 Minutes. 294 MB.  wmv Format.  Free preview

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