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BUSTED PHOENIX:  Busted flat sexy stomach is the end result of this stomach punching breakdown of this perfectly flat sexy belly. (This prevents the gorgeous PHOENIX to flex) and this human punching bag gets her perfectly flat beautiful belly penetrated deeper and deeper with the leaded weighted grappling gloves that our hardest puncher Vanity wears. Each UPPER CUT weakens her and Phoenix has her solar plexus is targeted, punched and winded. Each blow directly lands deep and poor extremely sexy flat stomach is destroyed. Struggling to breathe her belly is totally busted and even the lighter punches are effective knocking the wind out of her. This amazing display of DEEP PENETRATION AND Abdominal recovery is clearly visible as each recovery process takes longer with each deeper impact. Rapid fire punching winds the victim and while the flat perfect stomach area is stretched, this sexy body has no chance.  Extremely deep impacts takes place as the stomach is busted and the blows land very deep. This very sexy flat stomach is busted and PHOENIX barley lasted over 20 Minutes as Vanity’s devastating blows finish her off.

22 Minutes. 528 MB. wmv format. Free preview

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