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It is the day Bria Sinn experiences the brutal pain of the torture device as well as the most erotic pleasure of the sex toy that stimulates the navel in the most desirable way. Bria gets her navel tortured as well as pleasured by the lubricated stimulator. Her torturer pleasures her as they prod the center of the navel with a sex toy, pushing it inside of her belly to the deepest point. After having this done the torturer uses a torture stick to prod and poke deeply putting pressure on her beautiful belly causing pain. Bria's navel is tortured to its limits and during the tormenting she sometimes asks for it to stop. she takes it until she can no longer stand the pain then she cries out with moans and groans in between the pleasurable feeling from with in her sexy navel. 

 22 Minutes. 537 MB. wmv Format. Free preview

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