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She begs you for it no matter how many times she doubles over or goes down. She willingly gets back up to you as her sexy feet stagger across the red mats. "BOX ME BABY" she says in a low sexy voice as she is winded by your glove. Down she goes again and again doubled over holding her punched in ABS and while you take it all in she rolls over and turns around for you teasing you begging for another barrage of punches from your waiting glove that stimulates and makes her tingle. Punch her again as she looks at you with her beautiful eyes begging for more because you like it so much. She loves it, all of it, all you can give her, Box me baby you hear from the sexiest voice, then your glove boxes her stomach many times in a row until she curls up and the perfect body is down on the mat. it's not over she begs you again to work her over and you do. Finish her and leave her moaning holding her red beaten belly, Anastasia thanks you as she is spread out lying on the mat hot and sexy.

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