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Made to drink a lot of water to BLOAT his stomach the guys belly bulges from the excessive water. Close ups of punches and his stomach becoming red and bruised. External microphone to pick up the water sloshing around in his bowed outward stomach. Pants pulled down the guy is teased, stroked and dry humped by the beauties who totally destroy and obliterate Hunters stomach. Strapped to the bed he is punched extremely hard while his belly is pounded and he is forced to cum (which he can not do because of the brutal beatings) each time he gets close.  Making him drink while he's strapped down on the bed until the stomach is bloated even more the thud sounding punches penetrate his ABS and knock the wind out of his breathless many times. They stroke him to make him relax his stomach and the more he begs for them to stop the harder they punch. They trample him at the end and finish him off with punches while he is numb.

32 Minutes. 781 MB. wmv Format. Free preview.

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