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BLOAT BUSTED (By Phoenix) Extremely brutal gut busting after shackled victim was made to drink 5 bottles of water. This side of Phoenix you do not want to be under, (or do you?) Sadistic bitch acting sweet to make her victim drink more water only to turn mean and pound in his bloated belly in even harder. No getting out or turning over as the shackles do it's job. Phoenix shows her mean side and totally unleashes all to destroy the bloated belly that turns her on so much. With Phyco Phoenix loving bloated bellies she sure qualifies as a BLOAT BUSTER and finding victims she can mount is scarce. It does not end there, after the victim is beat to a pulp she turns out the lights only to sneak back to the busted belly in total darkness. While in total darkness she goes wild punching as hard and as fast as she can while not able to see where exactly she is hitting. The victim is punched wildly until he goes silent. This K O ending puts the victim out, gut busted breathless in his extremely bloated stomach.

30 Minutes. 674 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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