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Two topless gals in close body to body fights to the death with knives or swords. Pressed together breast-to-breast, belly-to-belly, crotch-to-crotch; grinding and rubbing as they fight.  Fights  start standing, kneeling, & lying down side by side with thighs inter-twined. Each model grasping the wrist of the other's knife-hand  then engaging in long drawn out struggle, arms trembling. swords being locked together and the models engaging in sexy sword-locked tests of strengths,  thrusts to the breasts, ribs or stomach, sexy are stabs to the nipple, under a protruded rib cage and below the navel. The model being stabbed reacts erotically, e.g. gasping/moaning, arching her back, etc.

40 Minutes. 956 MB. wmv Format.  Free preview

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