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"Fantasy Death Fights" with each taking turns winning and losing. Lots of body to body contact, breast to breast and crotch to crotch, grinding and rubbing together as they fight, swords locked together above their heads or grappling with the prop knives in "test of strength" style no talking, just natural sounding pants, grunts and moans swords thrust and held deep into belly. Knife stabs slamming into the body with a audible thump and held deep into the victim; vary single or repeated thrusts to "finish off" the loser. like mortal enemies who hate each other, but who are also turned on by erotic mortal combat;   As they fight in close quarters they move close together with mouths almost touching in an almost-kiss; panting and moaning sounds as the Blades Of Desire penetrates.

34 Minutes  549 MB.  wmv Format.  Free preview

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