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Jill Lauren and Ashley Grace,The two girls have  plastic swords and  knives. They start by wielding their fake weapons, and then they get in a fight stance, bent down, pointing swords at each other.  They move forward and hit swords, then back off and get in a stance again (kneeling low).  They swipe again, they get close, stomach to stomach, swords locked.  They push away and start to side step.  One makes a move and lunges, but the other ducks and stabs her in the belly. She inhales loudly, tenses up, eyes open wide, then suddenly relaxes as her eyes roll back, she softly exhales with a soft moan, and she slides down and off the couch.  Scenes to include slow writhing twisting around, eyes to roll back, and for them to end up in all sorts of positions. Each scene is between one and two minutes long each.  There are 10 scenes totaling 20 minutes of video footage.

20 Minutes. 474 MB. wmv Format. Free preview

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