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"BELLYGIRL lying on her back in the corner of the boxing ring. Her trampler (Controversy) weighing at least equal to herself. Trampler steps up onto BellyGirl's abdomen while using the boxing ring ropes for balance. BellyGirl also using the ropes to "squeeze" and help her flex her ABS, and keep her from putting her hands down and on her abdominal area to avoid interfering with her trampler's feet. Trampler constantly walks, stepping all over Abby's abdomen, moving her feet back and forth from a longitudinal position on Abby's torso to a transverse position. But feet nearly always "walking", not simply "standing". Slow, DEEP and cautious movements NO Breaks for BellyGirl she is TRAMPLED until breaking point. Camera keeps running during the breaking points and BellyGirl tries to stay flexed for the full duration but Controversy eventually breaks her after 22 minutes of the most intense trampling with superior close ups of BellyGirls ABS breaking down. Awesome camera views from side and above with great zooming.

22 Minutes. 527 MB. wmv Format. Free preview

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